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No Such Thing as the Perfect Beer Festival

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

You’d think after having rolled out our festival 8 times, we’d have perfected it by now – far from it!

Every year we try and nip away at things that could have been better last time and incrementally improve the event in ways that may well go unnoticed, but hopefully make the experience better for our guests and easier for our army of volunteers.

A classic example of "a thing that could have been better" happened in 2019, when at the height of the Saturday evening rush, our keg lager just refused to enter your glasses unless it took on the appearance and consistency of cheap shaving foam. The issue was we were just selling too much Pimm’s and Lager and the ice bank that cools the product inline just melted away. Cue yours truly frantically pouring bag after bag of ice into the chiller to eventually get things back to normal. The point of all that being, we have a solution to that unforeseen problem now and we will be implementing it at ACBF9 – no more foam!

On a more fundamental level, it took us three or four goes after we moved to the school, to get the marquee, bar and stage layout right. Inspired by the dreadfully rainy ACBF6, the layout for the event you see these days came to me in the shower one morning. Something about being soaking wet must have dislodged a memory and prompted a solution! So today, we have more cover, the stage is closer to you and very importantly further away from our neighbours in Cosy Corner.

Although we’re pretty protective about the way the festival looks and feels, we’re always open minded to new suggestions (the Weekend Pass was suggested by a punter), so if you have any ideas that might help improve ACBF, pop them in the comments box below, use the contact form on the website or contact us on social media.

Take it easy and stay safe.


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