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Our Ha'porth on Cask v Keg

If you've been a Beer Fan over the last 10 years (and believe you me, we have), you won't have been able to escape the futile and pointless discussions about the merits of cask beer over keg beer and vice versa.

We're pretty sanguine about the whole Cask v Keg debate here at ACBF Towers; the main reason for that is this; good beer is good beer, no matter how it gets into your glass.

The hackneyed old lines that keg beer is "dead" and "it all tastes like Watney's Red Barrel" are as laughable as they are inaccurate and untrue. Similarly, anyone promulgating that cask beer is just "Old Man's Twig Juice", really does need a good spank on the bottom and to be sent to bed with no Tea.

We proudly serve keg beer alongside our massive cask offering at ACBF and we have been since ACBF3, when we had some very fobby Beavertown Gamma Ray on the bar. We always select the best beer we can lay our hands on no matter what the dispense method is. So expect amazing brews from the "Premier League" of contemporary UK brewers to hit our keg wall in July, alongside some incredible cask ale from our friends in the local brewing community and from further afield.

We'll also select a couple of top quality UK lagers to grace our bar. We're big lager fans at ACBF and a well made, tasty, crisp pint of fizz is top of our agenda on a hot day.

So if you're a fan of crafty, keg pale ales and IPAs etc., try a pint of cask; the subtlety of aroma, flavour and the nuances you pick up with lighter carbonation are very appealing. And cask drinkers, give that New England IPA brewed in an industrial estate in Manchester by somebody with well groomed facial hair a go, you'll probably love it!

Our job is to put these beers in front of you and hopefully you know by now that you'll get a good beer list at ACBF. So when you're at the bar at the end of July, reach out of your comfort zone and try something new. What's the worst that can happen?

Cheers, ACBF Dave

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